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Top 5 Most Romantic US Cities

Days are getting shorter and months are fast.  Top 5 Most Romantic US Cities. So many things change without us, realizing! We must remember and cherish the one person who always spends the night sleeping on our side. Thus, planning a romantic vacation will not only help you relieve stress, but also give you the opportunity to reignite a spark for which you may not have had time recently!


I spent quite a lot of time looking through the information and opinions of different authors about romantic trends and found a lot of variety with some constants. I made my own list, making sure that the “proven” most romantic cities were among the first. Schedule some events during your stay. Night, a romantic picnic in the park or a trip to the theater. Each city is unique in what it has to offer and the feeling that accompanies it. Enjoy your reading and enjoy your travels!


San Francisco was not only at the top of the US list but all over the world! The history of this city gives it a European feel. Along with this will appear Italian cafes, Golden Gate Park for a romantic picnic, Chinatown, and much more! Fleur de Lys has been recognized as one of America’s most romantic restaurants.



There is always something happening on the streets of New Orleans! With many past hurricane threats, the love of life is immense! The food is great and they assure you will fall in love again and again.



Yes, I know. I did not include a specific city. This is because all of Hawaii is beautiful. In Hawaii, it is impossible to be stressed. All you have to do is lie on the beach and drink Mai Tai with preparations for a romantic picnic, and you and your lover are lost on the path to the memory of Love. Top 5 Most Romantic US Cities.

# 4. NEW YORK.

The bustle of this huge city can distract you from the first thought of visiting. But the bigger the city, the more it has to offer! An ideal romantic getaway in New York will be hosted by The Lowell, one of the most romantic hotels. Stop at the River Cafe for one of your walks or in the central park for a romantic afternoon outing. New York will amaze you with its hidden charm and guarantees that you will never be bored.



Of course! Las Vegas Must Be On The List! From 10-minute wedding chapels to high-end casinos … For some, this is a romantic picture! The nightlife is amazing and you will find a store that you never expected to see. Along with fun in exotic hotels and chic restaurants, romance reigns. Try dinner at Alex or Joel Robuchon and you will certainly not be disappointed.

I know that all these cities seem obvious, but that’s really because they deserve it. Everyone who travels here is not disappointed in what they find, and often want to return. But in case you are looking for something a little smaller and weirder. I added a bonus city for your consideration.


Cumberland Island is a sure refuge for you and your love. You can walk along the beach without seeing a soul, or catch wild horses running at sunset. Autumn is the perfect time to be truly alone. An abundance of nature surrounds you, providing magnificent landscapes for the romantic picnic you have planned. Be sure to bring along a bottle of your most expensive wine. The Gray Field Hotel has declared one of America’s most romantic hotels. Top 5 Most Romantic US Cities.